Shotgun Start

For anyone not yet aware, WotLK questing has already begun.  Unless they change it and it continues to work as it did in beta, you can completely fill up your quest log full of completed quests and turn them all in as soon as they make leveling up possible.  There are some reports from Beta that simply turning in all of the Shattered Sun Offensive daily quests will net you 20-25% of your level.


Also, unlike TBC, there are two entry zones into Northrend.  I imagine that after this it turns into the same funnel like system that we saw in Outland.  This should spread out the players and make things a bit more stable.  In theory of course.  In reality many full and high population servers have no idea how many inactive accounts are going to spring back to life within the next week


On a personal note my guild did manage to take down Kil’Jaden last night.  It took over 3 solid nights of attempts to completely learn that fight.  The multiple stages, constant AOE, and constant movement required certainly make it on par with Kael in terms of epicness.  One of the players was able to broadcast the fight live via Xfire and trade channel erupted in congrats from seemingly random players within seconds of it going down. 


True server firsts matter very little with WotLK in just a few days but still those 30-35 players that spent that time learning that fight don’t really care.  Thursday is a whole new world.  New challenges, new server and world firsts.  The suspense is terrible…I hope it lasts.


~ by Centuri on November 11, 2008.

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