Tor Arnoc /facepalm

With the WoW servers down for my entire evening I logged into Warhammer in hopes of some RvR entertainment.  I wanted to try out my 26 Chosen in some tier 3 RvR, but first I had to transfer him off of Tower of Doom and onto Monolith.  Traveling to the city to empty out the guild bank before leaving I realized what a royal pain in the rear travel between areas really is in Warhammer. 


I am not sure why I get a 10 second animation of me flying away and then simply a 2-3 minute loading screen until I magically appear in the city.  There is no epic sweeping view as I come in for a landing.  No stunning screenshots to take of the gates as I zip by overhead.  The flight masters might as well be transporter devices for all of the immersion that they provide.


Arriving on the new server I flew back out to the Badlands for more questing.  Unfortunately even with a medium pop there were no open groups to be found in my tier AT ALL.  Not even a 10-minute journey to the ends of the world would have rewarded me with an actual PQ.  I even checked all of the PQ in the area hoping for a group but had no luck.


I did find the quests that were added for the public quests.  From the quest hub for the chapter that I was in there was an NPC that awarded a kill X quest where X is a given amount of the mobs for the public quest.  I soon completed the remaining dozen or so quests for the area that involved poisoning the village well and then killing the local healer to make sure that the poison really took off.  After that I was still about 6000 influence short of hitting the max reward and I was in no mood to go solo mobs for 30 minutes to get the influence up.


Done with the local needs I decided to hop into some scenarios.  The first one that popped for me was Talbec Dam.  This is a simple and enjoyable scenario and really allowed me to show off my newest spam ability, earthquake.  It is a mid tier ability in the Discord (I think) tree for Chosen.  It does ~100 damage to everyone within 40 feet in front of me and knocks them all down for 2 seconds.  It has a 20 second cool down.  Let me just tell you that knocking down large groups of players is an endless source of entertainment. 


It was a completely one sided affair as we dominated the game to the tune of 500-44.  Hopping right back into the queue I then had Tor Arnoc pop for me.  Having never experienced this one yet but remembering the horror stories about its design I was a bit wary but entered nonetheless.


Tor Arnoc is the standard grab-the-thing earn-the-points that seems to be repeated in every tier since tier 2.  However it has a level of failure that surpasses all expectations.  You can easily read about the poor design and lack of forethought that went into TA but let me tell you that no summary will do this place any justice compared to first hand experience.


TA has narrow winding paths with lava pools underneath and around.  Landing in the lava does enough damage that most tanks can live for about 10 seconds and possibly a healer with enough HoTs can make it out alive.  The lava not only does damage but actually slows you down.  So in short unless you are extremely lucky your are SOL and just earned a trip to your respawn area. 


I know what you are thinking.  Clearly players just need to L2P and not fall into the lava.  Well you my friend are forgetting that many/most classes have knock back abilities by Tier 3 and that Mythic still has a somewhat buggy and laggy game.  I can personally testify that I was standing face to face with someone and positioned with my back to safety.  This player somehow sent me flying off to my left at a 90-degree angle to how I was standing and landed right in the lava.


Annoyed but willing to accept the fact that lag must have played a part I raced back into the action.  I found an Archmage all by herself spamming heals on her team.  Racing up to her I stared to attack and then found myself flying through the air straight through her character model and landing in the lava.  We ended up winning the fight about 500-300 but I can honestly say that this was my first and last Tor Arnoc until they can fix lag or reduce knock backs effectiveness.


Tor Arnoc, to me, just shows as another example of a good idea with poor implementation.  Knock backs are already annoying enough if they can take you out of the action for a while.  Lava needs to be redesigned so that even if a player lands in it he/she should still be able to make it to safety.


~ by Centuri on November 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tor Arnoc /facepalm”

  1. Should I even mention that they are lowering the IB’s knockback cooldown in the next patch?
    Hopefully, the patch will lower the Tor Anroc pop rate like Mythic said it would.

  2. Well just so long as I never have to set foot inside of this festering cess pool of bad ideas with good intentions again.

    Like most scenarios and open RvR encounters it really cements the idea that the best way to play is with as many ranged DPS and healers as possible with just a couple of tanks on each side. It’s bad enough the damage that melee characters have to endure to get close to the other team but then they give so many classes knock back abilities to punish melee even more.

    Luckily my subscription runs out at the end of this cycle so I won’t be able to log in anymore. I hope to check it out again in six months or so when they deliver on their promises.

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