Same Old Questing?

Sorry for the lack of venomous posts.  Thus far Wrath of the Lich King has proven to be exception amounts of fun with extremely high levels of polish.  The new zones are bustling with activity as players easily find groups for 5 man content and group quests.


Most notably I would have to say that the achievement system is highly successful in motivating players to finish off entire questing areas before moving on.  In my guild I constantly see people racking up achievements.

To the naysayers that contend that WoW questing is just boring and dull and that it is all been done before I present the following:


Nothing new here.




Another one of these quests?


Oh bother..infiltrate a Scourge area and earn the leader’s trust by completing quests for him and then eventually face off against him with only my pet trolls to help me in an epic encounter of avoiding blight grenades… I get so tired of these damn quests.


~ by Centuri on November 18, 2008.

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