Wrath of the Gatherers

The min/max crowd with wallets fat from plentiful daily quests is paying the price in WotLK.  And that price is high costs of trade goods for leveling their crafts.  Unlike vanilla WoW, when the majority of players had at least one gathering skill many players now have switched to two crafting skills to have maximum benefits there and for powerful crafting items that were only useable by the maker.


Now everywhere around Northrend are Alchemists unable to pick herbs, blacksmiths unable to mine up ore and leatherworkers who can’t skin mobs.  The result has been a huge boon for players with gathering skills as inflation hits players hard with huge stashes of gold saved up for WotLK.


Echanters are really the only ones insulated from all of this.  With disenchanting a part of the enchanting skill they are able to set their own prices and turn questing greens and drops into mats for leveling or for sale.


I wonder how many alchemy leatherworking shamans are out there right now learning the true cost of all those drums they had to make for raiding.


~ by Centuri on November 19, 2008.

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