Yes I finally hit 80 last night.  I can honestly say that it was an enjoyable experience but having spent the last 75-80 push entirely doing solo questing I think it will be a few weeks before I start daily grinding for cash and rep.


Also this left me feeling a bit wide eyed standing in Dalaran with an hour of play time left and have absolutely no idea where to go.  I haven’t looked up reputation rewards to see which factions I need to work on.  Talking with some folks that have been 80 for a few days already they recommend that I simply dive into heroics since they aren’t particularly all that challenging and the rewards are better than anything I could get from questing.


Still need to work on leatherworking.  I have my skill up to 426 now with just making gear that is an upgrade for me rather than mass producing items to dump on the AH or to disenchant.


One nice thing added in Wrath of the Lich King is that there is a leather and mail blue level 78 craftable PVP set.  Currently I am up to 14.5k health and 14.1k mana with just over 200 resil and 1350 + spell damage in my “PVP” set.  I use the quotes since I don’t yet have a PVE set but I am sure that will shape up within the next few weeks in heroics and 10 mans.


Interesting that with the changes to heroics (no rep requirement just set group to heroic) they really made it so fresh 70s can hop right in.  It looks good on paper but with so many player bypassing normal 5 mans in favor of heroics I wonder if even more casual players will be clearing content faster than Blizzard can put it into the game.


So much to see and do in this wide wide world now that the push to 80 is over.  Wintergrasp, Heroics, Naxx, 25 mans just around the corner.  Oh what a beautiful morning!


~ by Centuri on November 21, 2008.

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