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One thing that has always pushed me away from Caster DPS is the two-roll system that spells utilize.  As a quick refresher the WoW client first decides if a spell “hits” and then if it hits a separate roll is done to determine if it was a crit.  Sounds simple in application but the ramifications are far reaching given the new gear homogenization.


Due to the rules of the two-roll system, with very few exceptions a player will achieve higher DPS from each additional point of hit above and beyond what any additional spell-power or critical strike chance would give.  The amount varies by class but as an example current theory-crafting on my elemental shaman states that for each additional point of his my DPS increases by 13 but for each point of spell-power or crit I only increase DPS by around 7.


You have to remember that any caster gear that has +hit on it is DPS gear.  Healers have no need for spell hit so it is a wasted item budget for them.  This effectively forces the Blizzard itemization teams to make a call when it comes to non-tier pieces.  Do we leave it as spell-power and crit and make it useable to both DPS and healers or make it spell-power and hit and only make this piece for DPS.


The itemization team clearly chose the first option.  But why force this onto players?  The Sunwell system of being able to trade pieces in for another item seemed to work well enough.  Additionally they could add in more deep tier + hit talents to DPS caster trees or talents that give hit based on spell power or critical strike rating.  Why is every DPS caster a slave to spell hit?


~ by Centuri on December 1, 2008.

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