Strict Class Requirements in Raids = FAIL

Well my guild is running two Naxx 10 groups and it looks like a third group is just a week or two away.  For Naxx25 we have cleared all wings except for the Death Knight Wing.  Our biggest hang up with the Instructor Razuvurius (spelling) is that you need two priests with a lot of spell hit who can mind control the adds in order to beat the fight.


It is a point of irritation for me that Blizzard still designs dungeons around having a specific class there.  Even after all of the raid buff manipulation and changes and homogenization still they feel that having encounters that force players to bring a specific number of a specific class is acceptable.


Instructor is a boss in Naxx that hits VERY hard.  He comes with adds (2 on Naxx10 and 4 on Naxx25).  In Naxx10 there are two pillars nearby that ANY player can use to mind control the adds.  These adds can taunt and have a huge damage reduction ability on a rather fast cool down.  Essentially two players take turns as one taunts and uses the ability and the other taunts and tanks once the other guy’s reduction ability wears off.  Sounds simple right?


Well on heroic Naxx (25) there are no pillars.  Instead players themselves have to do the mind controlling.  And that wouldn’t be a problem except that ONLY PRIESTS CAN MIND CONTROL.  Added to that problem is that unless the priest has a ton of spell hit (see previous post) that mind control is going to break early and often. 


This leaves you with being forced to give DPS caster gear (with spell hit) to your healing priests or with bringing 2 shadow priests into the raid.  Sure six months ago 2 shadow priests would have been the norm but with the changes to Spriests in patch 3.0 now bringing more than one is less than optimal.


I imagine that the mass of players is not yet this far into Heroic Naxx so there is no flood of QQ on the Blizzard forums.  I fully expect that sometime before WotLK is over the mind controlling pillars from Naxx10 will make their way into Naxx25.


~ by Centuri on December 4, 2008.

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