Well after about 2 raiding days of attempts on Malygos in both the 10 man and 25 man version I can say without a doubt that this is a very enjoyable and extremely frustrating fight.


Malygos is a large blue dragon who circles around a large circular platform upon which he is fought.  To begin the fight you need to have a quest item that drops off of Saphiron in Naxxaramas.  The 10 man Saphiron drops the 10 man Malygos key and the 25 man drops the heroic key for the 25 man raids.  One drops for each kill and you only need one key in the group to start the encounter.


Malygos continually accosts the players while they prepare and get situated and during the fight as well.  When the fight begins the raid is grouped up in the middle and he comes in and lands and the tank picks him up and tanks him at the north end of the circle.


Unlike EVERY OTHER dragon you have fought, Malygos has no tail swipe ability.  Malygos has a nasty front cone shaped attack that hits for a lot of damage and will one shot most non-tank raid members who ever get in front of him.  Actually the cut off point for this can be as close as standing near his front legs so you always have to make sure that you are well behind him.


Throughout phase 1 sparks spawn from one of 4 locations and slowly move toward Malygos.  If they reach him he receives a large damage buff that is still possible to heal through but you will need to spam heal the tank.  The raid’s job is to kill the sparks before they reach him obviously but there is an advantage that these sparks provide.  Upon death each spark leaves a small AOE area on the ground that gives a +50% damage bonus to anyone standing in this.


It is imperative that you continually acquire this bonus in order to have enough DPS to get past the enrage timer.  The adds spawn every 30 seconds and Blizzard decided that every raid should bring 2 Death Knights in order to make this aspect of the fight trivial.  The adds can be death gripped (pulled) to the raid and then stunned and burned down.  Having two DK in the raid means that you can grab every one that comes into range and continually have stacked DPS bonuses. 


Don’t have two DK?  Sorry come back later or enjoy the added difficulty.  There should be an achievement for defeating him with less than two DK in the raid but there is not.  Such an acknowledgement of obvious class stacking advantages would be out of character for Blizzard.  Perhaps once the casual masses have made their way hear the developers will tweak this encounter to not reward class stacking.


Class stacking is also rewarded here for any classes that have instant cast group heals.  Throughout phase 1 Malygos will continually turn and blast 3-4 raid members for about 4-5k in arcane damage that is easily healed through.  However, the “fun” part of phase one is the vortex ability.  Malygos will leave the tank (aggro does not reset) and fly into the air. He pulls all of the players to him and sends you spinning around him in an arcane vortex.


The vortex does TWENTY FREAKING THOUSAND points of arcane damage to everyone in the raid over about an 8 second time frame.  Luckily about ¼ of this damage is usually resisted but some players are not so lucky.  While spinning only instant cast spells can be used which gives a HUGE advantage to stacking classes with instant cast group heals (priests and druids). 


Once he is done with the vortex the players all land again in a giant mass of avatars around the middle of the circle and Malygos follows just a second later.  Your tank has about 2 seconds to get Malygos out of the raid before he starts doing his arcane breath attack which will one shot any non-tanks that get caught.  To aid him in this endeavor we have the entire raid start to run south as soon as we land.  Once again the instant casting group healing spells really shine here as they bring the entire raid back up to full, so long as you tell all of your shamans and paladins that they don’t get to play tonight and shame on them for not choosing a more correct healing class.


Phase one is just a rinse and repeat of these mechanics.  We pretty much have phase one down but with only one DK in the raid we aren’t able to stack the damage buffs as well as we like thus our phase one takes 5-6 minutes instead of the 3-4 that we need it to take to beat the enrage timer.  Sadly this week in addition to sitting out some of our most well geared and experienced healers in favor of additional priests and druids, one of our DPS will be sat to make room for an additional death knight to join the raid.  Huzzah!


Phase two is a bit shorter and somewhat more chaotic.  Malygos flies up into the air and a number of adds spawn.  Caster adds are on discs that circle overhead and must be killed by ranged DPS.  Other adds will swoop down allowing melee to join in on the fun.  As you kill the adds their discs fall to the circle and melee are able to hop onto the discs and fly up to engage the adds circling overhead.


Meanwhile the raid is on the circle trying not to die.  The adds do a large damaging ability that you have to mitigate using the shields that Malygos creates.  Every 15-20 seconds Malygos shoots down an arcane bolt that hits the ground and knocks players back.  Shortly thereafter a magic shield grows in that spot and the entire raid must move under it to gain mitigation against the adds circling overhead. 


The shields very quickly diminish in size and mitigation forcing the raid to continually move from shield to shield and hoping for the best while on the move between them.  After 3-4 shields Malygos does a large AOE damage ability that hits the entire circle.  Durring this time the raid must snuggle up under the remaining, steadily shrinking shield bubble and heal through the damage as best they can.


If you are doing this phase correctly it should take 2-3 minutes to get all of the adds down to start phase 3.  Phase 3 is chaotic, enjoyable, frustrating and confusing.  There is a daily quest called “Aces High” in the Coldarra area up near the top of this dungeon.  The only pre-quest is simply an npc that tells you to go an talk to the daily quest NPC, and this quest is readily available at the small Kirin Tor encampment in the Coldara.  The quest giver is named Corastraza (sp) and she gives you a quest to kill 5 blue dragons.


You take control of a red drake with a number of abilities.  The abilities in the daily are the exact same as the abilities that you will use in the Malygos encounter.  For DPS you have a fire ability that use spam to build combo points and then a large dot that you apply and the duration of this dot depends on how many combo points you have.  The dot does stack and doing the daily quest a few times will familiarize you with how to best ensure that the dot never falls of and that you continue to stack the debuffs.


Healing in this phase is also done via the drakes.  They have a HoT that they can apply that is stackable up to 5 times per healer per drake.  They have a 10 second duration and heal for 500 health per 3 seconds.  There is also a large AOE heal called life burst.  You will either want to have everyone in the raid spread out into small groups of ~5 and allow one healer per group or have the entire raid clump up in one large mass of drakes and allow for about 3 healers to simply spam life burst and continually pump out AOE healing.  Life burst heals a drake for about 25% of its hp instantly.


So the raid is now on drakes and spamming HoTs on themselves and DoTs on the boss.  Malygos picks out random raid members and casts a nasty spell at them.  The drakes are also equipped with a shield ability that must be used when you are targeted.  The ability that Malygos uses has a 3 second cast timer so players have an opportunity to adjust. 


Just for added fun most raid frame addons can’t be used to heal during phase three.  So players will have to either click on raid members to heal them or drag out their default UI party frames and heal them that way. 


During phase 3 Malygos also spawns large orbs that fly around that will do a large amount of damage to players and must be avoided.  And that’s all there is to it!


Not a simple encounter by any means and certainly more than enough opportunity to screw up.  Loosing a DPS early in phase one will put you well behind the enrage timer unless you have two death knights in the raid.  Our best is 20% in one of the 10 man groups and 30% in the 25 man group. 


I do look forward to killing him however this would mean that we have cleared all of the currently available PVE content.  Sure we have some achievements to unlock in 10 and 25 mans that involve increased difficulty but there would be nothing new to kill until Blizzard releases the next content patch.


~ by Centuri on December 9, 2008.

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