Barely-Kept Secret


Some time ago prior to leaving WoW for Warhammer I let my guild know that I would no longer be raiding with them.  I actually gave them about a three-month heads up.  What I hadn’t planned on and what they did not suspect is that I would be back on the server playing on another character in another guild.


Needless to say I am sure that there are some hurt feelings on that side that I can honestly say doesn’t really concern me.  Raiding with my old guild was extremely frustrating.  Dealing with players that don’t understand basic endgame mechanics and simply show up at raid time hoping for a spot and not bothering to be prepared or willing to read up on boss strategies just became too much for me. 


It does surprise me that it was a badly kept secret up until about a week ago.  A long term friend of mine that has since left the server asked about me on the realm forums and one of the officers of DM posted from an alt the armory link to my Shaman.  What was once known to the officers and a handful of people in my current guild is now general public knowledge.


Not that the general public cares of course but still it is out there for people to figure out.  Certainly makes posting on the old guild message board a bit awkward to say the least.


~ by Centuri on December 15, 2008.

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