Malygos Down!


We took down Malygos last night.  It was a sweet victory, though somewhat cheapened. We were 10 seconds into the enrage timer, and the entire raid was dead, then the stacked DOT’s managed to finish him off.

Nevertheless, it was a kill.  We ended up making some small adjustments to our setup and avoided the random deaths associated with phase one and two.  Firstly, instead of just keeping the boss at the north end we had the tank rotate him around the outer circle.  The tank would move to the opposite end of the circle from which the sparks were spawning.

Doing this allowed us to ensure that the sparks could be pulled to the middle, via the two death knights, and burned down.  During Vortex, the raid leader would call out the direction from which the sparks were spawning and then the entire raid (sans tank) would move in that direction as soon as we hit the ground.

The two death knights really helped to stack the damage buffs that the sparks provide when they die.  Also, we made a healer adjustment and dropped two paladins for another druid and an extra resto shaman. Thus bringing our healer setup as one holy priest, two holy paladins, two restoration druids and three restoration shamans.  This gave us three healers with instant cast group heals which made healing through the vortex noticeably easier.

Instead of the giant moving blob of chaos that was phase two, we were a well oiled machine, as the entire group moved in one large clump of players. From shield to shield, as they spawned on the ground, as melee coordinated the flying disc usage in rapid succession.  Heading into phase three, we grouped up at the north end, and went with only 5 healers, and the entire raid grouped up in a large swarm.

This was certainly an interesting encounter and increasingly more difficult than the 10 man version.  The damage output on the raid in the 25-man version is so large that random deaths are problematic and difficult to avoid.  Having 2 seconds to fully heal 25 people while moving to avoid a large blue dragon was an educational experience.  Eventually, the shamans got together and worked out group targeting priority for chain heals, so that we could try and spread out our initial chain heal targets avoiding over-healing.

Afterwards, we did Sarthirion with one drake up.  We decided to leave up the drake that reduced HP by 25% and did not find it to be that much of a hindrance. That fight is really more about moving out of lava waves and running away from shadow fissures that open at your feet, than anything else.  Next week we plan on going for two drakes up.

This is the first time in my WoW career that I have EVER cleared all existing content. Unless you want to nitpick about the achievements, I never got through BWL in vanilla, and only downed through the first boss of Sunwell come TBC.   Really looking forward for Uldar and the surprises that Blizzard has in store for us there.


~ by Centuri on December 17, 2008.

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