Market Report


This was a crazy weekend for me on the auction house.  I have been following the prices of some good over the past few weeks and stockpiling for a rainy day and let’s just say that it poured this weekend…torrential tsunami.


First off on Friday night the AH was completely sold out of Greater Comsic Essences.  Luck would have it that I had a decent stock built up, from disenchanting low priced greens bought right off of the AH.  Instead of the usual range of 25g-35g, I decided to throw 20 of them up for a 39g buyout.  I sold them all out before the end of the night.


Additionally I hit the leather working markets rather hard.  With the start of arena season 5, I has invested some gold into speculation that the blue PVP pieces would be in high demand.  I was able to make each of the pieces at a cost of around 60g and they were selling like hot cakes for 125g to 175g depending on the slot.  The return on investment is quite large as you can see.


I have several of the epic crafted items that sold but I find that the pieces don’t sell often enough to justify tying up gold in these big-ticket items.  Additionally, so many other leatherworkers look to these recipes as an income stream and thus competition emerges. 


The arctic fur market went on its usual roller coaster ride.  At off peak times during the week you can grab a few at a premium-discounted price of under 50g each.  During prime time weekend play the price has been hitting 80g+ for each of the last three weekends.  Grabbing some at a discount throughout the week I was able to sell them for nearly twice the cost of my initial investment. 


The price of arctic fur also tends to vary conversely with the cost of borean leather.  Or to think of it differently as the price of arctic fur rises more and more players farm the skinnable mobs that drop them.  This creates a surplus of borean leather on the market that farmers are looking to dump and constantly undercut each other.  Thus it creates downward pressure on the borean leather market, even during peak play times.  This is why we see the leather stay at a consistent 14g-18g price while the arctic fur peaks so high.  Even at peak play times on Saturday and Sunday I found under priced leather and bought up everything under 14g for crafting.


To put my financial gain into perspective last weekend I had about 1500g in raw gold and around 1000g in crafting materials and good  for sale.  As of Monday morning I have over 5000g in raw gold and another 3000g on the auction house with about 2000g in crafted goods waiting to be put up for sale.


I am really not sure what my goals are here.  Certainly I am making windfall profits with the PVP gear I can craft, but eventually as players stop leveling up characters and become more established at 80, there will be less and less demand.  Also to consider is that PVP gear that is crafted is just barely below the gear that you can buy with honor.  I certainly would rather spend 150g on some new pants than grind battlegrounds for around 8 hours just for a minor stat upgrade.  But once season 6 starts this will no longer be the case and the honor gear will steadily become better and better compared to the crafted items.


Hopefully the demand for the PVP blue crafted gear stays somewhat strong and I am able to turn the market into a nice cash cow while I explore alternatives.


~ by Centuri on December 23, 2008.

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