Where’s the PVE?



Sorry for the lack of PVE posts or rants of one type or another.  My guild is now down to 2 days a week of raiding for 25 mans and I have stepped back on my 10-man group to allow some lesser-geared folks a chance to get in and get some loot and experience.  The Uldar instance patch cannot come quickly enough but I really don’t think I have seen any timetables for its release.  Hopefully, it will be up on the player test realm after this next build that is currently on the PTR is patched to live.


With so much free time I have been raising up some alts and working on time consuming things such as fishing and cooking.  Also it has allowed me with a surplus of time to PVP on the auction house for fun and profit.


~ by Centuri on December 23, 2008.

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