Holiday Market Mayhem


I size up my opponent as we slowly circle each other.  Each one making a move that is perfectly countered by the other.  Every gain by the other is quickly recouped by the adversary, for we fight a duel that can never end and so we dance in a battle of patience and sheer will.  Round and round we go competing for a slight advantage over the other and exploiting it for whatever gains we can.


No this is not some highly rated arena match. The above excerpt describes the ongoing battle for auction house supremacy against foes much fouler and more cut throat than anything cooked up by the Lich King.  As a small update I currently have over 15,000 in gold and another ~4,000 gold up on the auction house as of this morning.


I logged on Christmas morning and found the markets ripe for the picking.  Apparently the skinners that I have been purchasing from are not practicing Christians as the leather market had pushed the price all the way down to under 10g for a stack of Borean Leather.  Considering the normal price is around 15g per stack this was quite a sale.  Buying up the entire AH that was listed under 15g I found myself with several hundred heavy leathers with which to craft.


Firing up the old spread sheet I knew that there was profit to be made.  Eternals too had plummeted in price and I quickly stocked up on half price Waters, Airs, and Fires for later crafting.  Taking a quick inventory of the AH I soon saw that only the Eviscerator set was available in some mixed supply but the Stormhide, Overcast, and Swiftarrow sets were not listed at all except for the few random parts that I had created.


Acting quickly I created two of every item for each of those sets and some filler stock of the Eviscerator set.  After tossing them on the AH for a tidy profit (30g in mats and selling them for 120-190g on average) I departed for the day.  Returning later that evening I had sold all of the Swiftarrow and most of the Eviscerator sets that I had listed.  I quickly made some more of each and relisted.


Soon I fell into a routine over the holidays and every few hours during the day I would check in on my bank alt and collect my earnings and check the AH for cheap crafting mats.  By updating the spreadsheet I was able to quickly fill internal orders and keep a steady supply chain running.


This lead me to the point that I am at now; 15,000 in gold and a ton of more stuff to sell. Making gold in WoW is proving to be highly addictive and much more challenging than current raid content to say the least.


With this much in gold I have branched out into blacksmithing on my warrior.  The competition here is much more fierce and yet unrefined compared to the leather working market.  Players are power leveling blacksmithing and simply dumping goods on the AH.  This results in a huge over supply of the blue pvp gear from which I am looking to profit.  My strategy, thus far, has been to identify shortages in supply and simply craft 1-2 of a given piece and sell those quickly before the knuckle draggers log back in and toss another 10 up there at less than the cost of the mats to make them.


Still the market shows some promise and with one set supplying PVP gear to 3 classes that are prominent in PVP (DK, Ret Paladin and Warrior) there should be some ongoing profits to make.


~ by Centuri on December 29, 2008.

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