Titansteel and Patch 3.08


The blacksmithing epic item market is looking to be somewhat fruitful as well.  Mainly because no one is participating in supply other than me.  My theory is that many players that want these items are simply tracking down miners to smelt the titan steel (20 hour cool down) and then finding a crafter in trade chat.


I have sold 4 items over the holiday break at less than amazing profit margins.  Titansteel Destroyer is an epic 2handed mace that uses EIGHT titan steel bars that sell varyingly between 200g to 300g each.  I was able to secure some cheep titansteel bars around 240g each and crafted two of these as well as two of the titan steel tanking helms that use 4 bars each.  The maces sold VERY quickly and at a cost to me of 2000g I was able to pull just under 2400g out of my in box (125g auction house fee). 


The return on investment (ROI) is simply abysmal compared to my other business ventures.  Spending 2000g to craft one item to make 200g-300g is terrible.  However, now that I have quite a small fortune built up I find that being able to even earn such a small return is useful. 


The other problem that I have with the titan steel market is the titan steel itself.  Since it is crafted with ~100g in mats on a 20 hour cool down per bar the price on the AH is highly inflated.  Miners (or venture capitalists) can secure the raw mats and then list the bars on the AH for a tidy profit.  Thus while I may have profited 300g from my last sale, others profited nearly 800g from the sale of the titan steel.


One option that seems time consuming is to look for smelters in trade chat that will sell me their titan steel cool down for 25g each.  Each bar I obtain this method should add an additional 100g to the profit of the item. But, this seems somewhat time consuming.


Thinking about this some more, I am convinced that buying cool downs from miners with raw materials purchased off of the auction house is the way to go.  Even if I can only snag 2-3 per day before raids or after a Wintergrasp battle, each one that I have created it an extra 100g in my pocket when it comes time for crafting.


I am somewhat uncomfortable in the blacksmithing goods market right now.  For one I have no character with a high level of mining skill.  Thus I am forced to buy bars at market price.  Additionally patch 3.08 is bringing two epic two handed tanking weapons into the game.


As of right now on the player test realm these weapons require 8 titan steel bars, much like other epic two-handers, and have a choice between an axe and a sword and one gives defense rating and the other parry rating.  You would think that a smart investor would stockpile titansteel bars and have several of these ready to sell as soon as the patch uploads. 


However, the items are currently bind on pickup, thus they are only useable by the blacksmith himself.  I keep watching the PTR patch notes to see if this has been changed and thus far it has not.  Perhaps they will make them BOP at first and then change them to BOE and allow them to be sold on the market.  Nevertheless, it should at least cause a spike in titansteel bar prices and further depress the blacksmithing goods market if death knights are forced to level blacksmithing for epic pre-Naxx tanking weapons.


I have also started to make some long-term investments.  Blue posters have stated that Dream Shards will be required in more high end enchants than they currently are.  As such the price will eventually rise on them if they approach the TBC levels of needing six to ten shards per enchant.  As such I have started to purchase all shards that appear under 10g on the AH.  Thus far I have about 60 of them sitting on a bank alt.  Even if shard prices do return to their TBC levels I don’t believe that it will happen for at least a month post patch since I am sure I am not the only person stockpiling.


~ by Centuri on December 30, 2008.

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