Another Ultra-Casual Who Doesn’t Get It.

I found a post on my prior guild’s forums concerning an ultra-casual player who was bent out of shape that the raiders of the guild were not interested in running heroics with him and he was being forced to run with pick up groups to get gear for himself.  Here was the post that rubbed me the wrong way and my response.


  “Totally missed the point

Pignasty also hit on something when he got a little iffy about helping guildys get gear in heroics. I didn’t join this guild to pug every run and I don’t. No one should have to. So if you standing there with your thumb up you bum fishing up fish for a raid 2 days away and someone could use you in a heroic/vault go help them.”

I think sometimes you have to look at it from the other side as well. That person has put a lot of time and effort into their character. They have earned the right to and expect to have issue-free heroics filled with other like-minded skilled and geared players. Having to stop and explain things to newer players or having the healer go OOM on a boss fight causing a wipe due to low tank mitigation or low DPS is simply put, a waste of that players time and money (repairs).

Often players cite some kind of emotional-altruistic reasoning involving everyone pitching in for the greater good. The hard reality is that you need to find other players at your gear and skill progression level with which to play. If DM is neck deep in 10 mans and up to their waist in 25 man Naxx then that is the level of progression that you need to push yourself towards if you want to play with everyone.  Most of raiding is getting gear for others, and asking, expecting, and publicly attempting to shame someone who spends 12-14 hours a week frustratingly and willingly helping others to get gear shows a lot of self-centeredness.

The guild isn’t forcing you to PuG. You fell behind the progression curve and only YOU can catch up. Heroics are off of the radar for most players because for one, most diligent players have farmed up their must-have badge gear and are simply content to collect the ones from weekly Naxx-10 clearings for future use.  And secondly Naxx10 is a veritable buffet of gear for all classes and you should be focused on squeezing into a Naxx10 group.


Running normal Naxx does not require you to sell your first born son or write off every Sunday evening from here until eternity. If you have 2-3 hours that you can play, you can knock out a wing or two in even a semi-brain damaged group, giving you access to literally dozens of potential upgrades. You don’t even need amazing gear for that progression level if you have a basic understanding of your class. Remember that it is a gear + skill equation and that while you can’t work on your gear while you are AFK, you can read forums and turn to other online sources to improve your game play.


I can’t Amory you at work, but I would assume that you don’t yet have maximum reputation with the various Northrend factions. I am also going to assume that you are not maxed out on epic/blue crafted gear. You may have a low-mid ranked arena team for point farming, and if so good for you; if not, you should consider doing this. As such, I highly doubt that you have hit some sort of gear progression road block in which your only hope is heroics or sniping a raid spot once a week. If I am wrong about this I apologize, but I am just going with my gut.


Lastly, perhaps you need to re-examine what your goals are for your character and what limitations your spec, class and play times place upon you. For example, playing a healer class (and a tank to a lesser extent, as you will need more gear) opens up much more opportunity for you in both guild groups and improved quality PUGS, as you will be able to pick and choose more often.

1. Wait for more badge gear to come out and players will be more interested in heroics on off nights.
2. Make sure you are doing everything that you can do to progress your character.
3. Roll a healer if you want the world to revolve around you.


~ by Centuri on December 31, 2008.

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