Two Drakes Down


We completed Sartharion with two drakes up last night.  It took us about two hours to get the positioning down and I learned that really, the hardest part about this encounter is moving out of fire and moving out of swirling red shadow circles of death.  It’s not about DPS, tank mitigation or healer throughput so much as just having all 25 people stay alive long enough to get the adds down.


Our positioning was to have Sartharion tanked at the bottom left corner of his island with the raid positioned north of him and spread out as much as feasibly possible.  Many deaths were had at the hands of the red circles of death simply due to the short time span a player has to react to move out of them.  From the time one appears at your feet you have about 1 second to start moving before you die.  I am not exaggerating.


I really did not like this positioning since it forced the tank to turn his tail into the raid whenever a firewall comes from the right hand side of the room.  This resulted in quite a few deaths as players would get tail swiped and then eat a lava wall.  My biggest problem continues to be the red circles of death and how difficult they are to see when other players and mobs stack up on top of you. 


It is not a particularly enjoyable fight for a healer as you have to watch out for so many things while continuing to toss out a liberal amount of healing.  Combine the constant forced movement, the lava wall dance with four tanks to heal and you see the problem. 


With the downing yesterday of two drake Sartharion we really only have three drake Sartharion to go for before we are done with content until Uldar comes in patch 3.1.  We are down to two raid nights a week and even then, our second night ends about an hour early.  The plan is to have half of our second raid night for three-drake progression and then a third night with only three-drake progression.


Assuming we can get it down, this would be a server first and the first server first that our guild will have snagged.  Another guild on the server snagged all of the heroic server first achievements thus far.  On the plus side, we did get the Heroic: Safety Dance achievement for Hieghan last night!


~ by Centuri on January 2, 2009.

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