Shirt of Win

It’s from my ex-guild that has an annual get together.  A guild member made up shirts for everyone to wear.

I love the shirt as it is a quote from the GM to an extremely “needy” female protection paladin that we had while we were working our way through Hyjal.


~ by Centuri on January 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Shirt of Win”

  1. outweigh…. outwEIGH….

  2. Awww, someone beat me to it.

    Sorry, random comment. I enjoyed your Maly strategy! 😀

  3. Well the guy’s wife made them so I don’t think anyone wanted to point out the mistake.

    That is embroidery not screen printing.

    Thanks for reading the Malygos post! That thing ends up being linked all over the place somehow.

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