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With Uldar finally starting to appear on the horizon the, the PVE hopes and dreams of bored raiders across Azeroth on hundreds of digital worlds all again show signs of life.  And they all face the same choice, do you play Uldar on the player test realm or don’t you?  Additionally, will the hardcore raiders be satisfied with clearing the same content as the casual masses but having access to mounts, titles, and better loot through “hard modes” to various encounters?


On one hand most raiding guilds are down to just two days a week of actual raiding content.  They certainly have a free day to dedicate to Uldar “testing” (read: training) prior to the official launch.  While realm and world first will be achieved hours after the launch of the instance, without some serious blocks by the design team, the real world first kills will all be done on the PTR, unless they don’t allow testing of the final bosses like in Sunwell. 


The problem is both simple and complex.  If you go and play Uldar on the PTR it just speeds up the inevitable raiding burnout that is to follow once you place the raid on farm status.  The quicker you experience and clear the content on the PTR means the quicker you experience and clear the content on the live servers.  Thus you could be setting yourself up for an even longer “hurry up and wait” following the launch of Uldar until the NEXT raid dungeon is patched in.


Blue posters have stated that there will be a “hard” mode to the encounters beyond the gimmick style achievements that we experience in most of Naxx25.  If done correctly, this could be the saving grace for Uldar.  Components such as Sathirion and his three drakes allow players to set their individual difficulty level and receive higher-level rewards for completing the encounter in a more difficult manner. Additionally, the one, two and three drake strategies, placement and raid tactics all vary slightly allowing for extra variety. 


Expounding upon this, we would think that Uldar would last much longer and remain fresher for more raiders than Naxx if done correctly by the developers.  Creating interesting and challenging content accessible for the masses, while tying up the best loot, titles and achievements in “hard modes” does seem to be the best way to go about this given the current state of PVE.


~ by Centuri on January 6, 2009.

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