3.08 Crafting Changes


I was looking over the patch notes and saw a few glaring notes that will have an adverse affect on the markets that I participate in.

First off:


  • Increased the materials required to make several recipes that require cobalt.


If this is the reinforced cobalt chest piece recipe then that is a HUGE hit to my disenchanting ventures.  I was able to grab 4 cobalt bars for about 2-2.5g each and make a level 77 green item that would disenchant into, on average, 22g in enchanting mats.  This was an easy source of income and allowed me to quickly and cheaply level up enchanting on my enchanter.

I am almost certain that they are going to increase the requirement to 6-8 cobalt bars minimum and possibly even more.  There goes that easy money maker. 


This change is the one that has me most concerned:


  • The epic leg armor patches now require a Frozen Orb in addition to their other materials.


The epic leg pieces are a great way to level up leatherworking to reach the crucial 440 skill level to unlock all of the epic patterns.  As a result the average cost of creating one of these patches is going up by 30-50g and will vary with frozen orb prices.  This is bad news for those looking to skill up off of those patterns and even worse news for me and my leather crafted goods production.

You see, the alternative to producing small batches of epic leg armor patches for guaranteed skillups is to MASS produce the level 78 blue PVP armor, which is currently my bread and butter.  Now players are going to create these pieces and dump them on the auction house at whatever price they can get to sell them quickly.

This is going to drive down my profits in this area and ultimately lead to more competition as players realize that I am selling these goods at over a 100% markup over the cost of mats. 

Even further expounding upon this, players might be less willing to produce the leg armor patches even after level 440 which will result in a flood of goods on the epic crafted gear market that I also service. 

Overall I am not happy with these changes.  Luckily I just hit the 36,000 gold mark this weekend, so I don’t necessarily need to make money anymore.


~ by Centuri on January 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “3.08 Crafting Changes”

  1. Dude! I do the exact same thing on my server. I only discovered this trick last week though. In 8 days I’ve made nearly 11k gold. I hope the patch dosent come out tommorrow! Any idea what you will be doing once the patch comes out?

  2. Not making these any more! Enchanting mats are down nearly 50% of what they were a week ago. Dream shards are increasing in price.

    Cobalt prices have almost tripled the past week as others on the server seek to take advantage of these recipes.

    I think I am going to have to go into other markets for blacksmithing and possibly leatherworking as well. I tried inscription, but the compeition is quite fierce and it is too much micro-managment for my tastes.

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