The Undying…almost

shaman-healingSo close!  We made it all the way to Saphiron without anyone dying and then lost three players to an apparent bug during one of the air phases.  One of the hunters was standing back in the doorway just in front of the area where the snow ends.  As we were crowded behind the hunter, who was cubed, for protection the AOE attack instantly killed three of the raid members.


I think that it was due to us standing on the snow area in the doorway and it somehow put us within LOS of the boss and thus we were hit by the ability.  Still, clearing all four wings without a single death was quite an accomplishment.  We ended up wiping on that attempt and then came back and downed the boss without any deaths.


Going to KT we only had one death due to the MT not paying attention and standing in a shadow fissure resulting in his death.  We were able to have an off-tank pick up the boss and we cleared the entire instance with only one wipe and in one night.  Not too bad.


It was a very stressful night, given the achievement that we were going for was quite difficult.  I am hopeful that we can come back next week and take care of it.  Having cleared Malygos and Naxx10 in one sitting, all that we have to clear this week is Sartharion and his drake pals and we are done.


~ by Centuri on January 8, 2009.

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