Healer Doldrums


Playing a DPS class for so long in TBC, I was used to the idea that gear upgrades increase the damage that you do.  That each piece replaced would allow me to do more and more damage to the boss.  Collectively as a group, the DPS in my raid would all get better, put out bigger numbers more consistently, and generally have accurate means to gauge how much they have progressed their character.


Raid healing, on the other hand, functions in much the opposite manner.  You raid’s healers all heal as a unit.  Each class has strengths and weaknesses and compliments each other to fill in the gaps left by the other players.  As a unit, your healers’ gear improves; they increase their longevity by increased spirit, MP5, and critical strike rating (for some classes).  Increasing haste allows them to get heals to where they are needed faster.  Increased spell power or critical strike chance allows them to cast fewer spells to top everyone off.


And the entire matter is done as a group affair, which causes the problem that bothers me.  As the overall gear of the healers improves, there is less in a given encounter for each healer to actually do.  Whereas, before your priest may have ended an encounter nearly OOM, now just a few weeks later he or she finds themselves with 50% mana at the end of a fight and having large breaks in the encounter in which no healing is needed at all.


This creates some very monotonous boss encounters in which your healers are all over-healing, and wasting mana or tossing out a few damage dealing spells, and being largely ineffective damage dealers. 


My guild is combating this problem by reducing the healers needed for 25 man raids, as much as possible.  Currently, we run Naxx25 with just six healers in the raid and I am pretty sure that we can do most of the boss fights with only five.  This is allowing the raid healers to flex their wings and show what they can do.


I never thought there would be a time in a raid that I would hope players would stand in the fire.


~ by Centuri on January 14, 2009.

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  1. Hey,

    I really like how you edited out around 80% of my work on Raider101, and not even replacing all of it. Thanks, bud.

  2. It was certainly a good place to start and I didn’t remove your original credit.

    Not sure on the hurt feelings. The nature of a wiki page is that over time the articles are changed, edited, and hopefully improved by the collective knowlege of those reading.

    If you want a platform for dissimination of your personal knowelge, then you should look into starting a blog. Also your formatting made it difficult to read and much of your information was highly subjective and anecdotal.

  3. I’m not hurt, but I don’t think you should alter articles without either replacing all the content, or leaving some of it behind when you can’t or won’t replace it yourself, or just add in a different view.

    Your article was nice too.

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