Fifty Thousand!

My wealth continues to grow and I am quite proud to report that I don’t have to resort to market manipulation and price fixing.  Sales for the blue level 78 PVP gear pieces continue to remain strong, though certainly less than they were a month go.


Epic items have dropped down in price but as profits shrunk, so did the other suppliers and I am back as the single crafter willing to keep the AH regularly stocked with epic items for sale.  I have largely abandoned the Titansteel market.  I found that Titansteel prices were much too volatile for my tastes and that there are so many blacksmiths willing to craft the items for others for a nominal fee, which made it take longer to sell than I am really comfortable with.

I am dabbling in some additional blacklisting items that are currently under served on the AH and am actually finding some success.  The Honed Cobalt Cleaver is a level 72 two handed axe that I can make for 50g each and I have sold 3 over the past week at a price of 99g each.  So far no one else has put any of them up.  Fel Iron plate gear continues to be a SLOW but steady market and it has a minimal investment costs.  I mark the items up 50% over the cost of mats, but the items sell for so little that it hardly seems worth my time.



~ by Centuri on January 15, 2009.

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