Community Service

Yesterday I was in a battle at Lake Wintergrasp that was not going well for us.  We were on the offensive and the Alliance continued to send out small detachments of 8-12 players to the forward workshops to harass and delay our offensive. 


On one such push by the defense, I found myself fighting two Alliance rogues who were stalking between the workshop and the graveyard.  I quickly dropped a poison cleansing totem and went into all out survival mode and could only hope that they didn’t have any of their cooldowns up.  Then from the south a Tauren druid dropped out of stealth and began tossing me heals.  He quickly cycloned one of the rogues causing the other one to hit sprint and take off in the druid’s direction.


I dropped an earthbind totem and healed myself back up quickly and began to head towards the druid who was now blinded by the second rogue.  The first rogue, now out of the cyclone, hit stealth and disappeared.  The second rogue was now on the druid and had him down to low health.  Then, as if from heaven above, a thin red line shot out from behind me and touched the rogue sending him flying behind me.


Turning quickly, I saw an Orc death knight and a Tauren warrior all over this rogue.  Not sure of what to do I figured the best course of action was to FROSTSHOCK.  Soon the rogue was dead and his partner was nowhere to be found.  I quickly sent a quick whisper to the druid thanking him for his help. 


His response was, “No thank you.”  This put me back a bit since I didn’t recognize this player and could not think of ever having dealings with him.  Before I could figure this out, he linked me his gloves and I saw the little <Made by Hexxar> on the bottom.  I went and inspected him and he had a complete set of the crafted gear that I make and regularly sell on the auction house.


I didn’t get to inspect the DK or WAR that came to my aid, but since I dabble in that market as well, I would like to think that they had some of my blacksmithing PVP gear equipped as well.


It did get me thinking about what services I provide to the players on my server.  Gevlon, in his usual way, talks about the services that he feels arbitragers make on the auction house.  By buying an under priced’ good or piece of equipment and then relisting it at the “correct” price is doing a service to the final buyer.  After all, if no one purchased the under priced item for resale then a large profit is gone from the economy and the eventual buyer, who was willing to pay full market price, is left with nothing to buy.


I chose not to point out to the druid that the gloves he purchased for 130g only cost me 40g in mats to make.  But perhaps he may not have even cared, he wanted the gloves right then and they were readily available for him on the auction house.  I would like to think that his game play and PVP experience has improved by purchasing the gear that I supplied to him.


It is easy to get caught up in various gold making ventures to never stop and think about how your activities and efforts are affecting your server community.  The “business man” who simply buys and relists and corners the market on a given commodity may achieve profits, but will the player who purchased from him ever make an effort to save his life in PVP or remember his name?


~ by Centuri on January 19, 2009.

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