Patch Aftermath

3.08 landed with an astonishingly loud bang on my server.  Arctic fur was rapidly selling out and by the end of the day Tuesday they were selling around 80g, up from their usual 50g.  Frozen orbs were the big winners with prices going up all evening from the 35-45g that they usually run to a high of 140g, as some would be monopolist was trying to corner the market.


As I predicted earlier, the changes to the epic leg armor patterns did push a few more people into power leveling through some of the items that I milk a healthy profit from.  There is nothing quite like seeing 12 caster druid gloves go up on the auction house, and knowing that it will take this player a week or more to clear out this inventory.  Hopefully these players will get in and get out and not realize that there are profits to be made for the patient.


The only thing that I can do is try and make it as painful for them as possible, as I fiercely undercut them, while still maintaining some profit.  My aim is for them to take as long as possible to sell their goods and thus drive them from the market in frustration.


Talking with other leatherworkers prior to the patch, there was much discussion about stockpiling epic leg armor patches for later resale after the patch.  I didn’t get into that market as I find too much competition drives down profits.  However, these would be entrepreneurs were nowhere to be found and soon the only epic leg armor patch in the auction house was an earthen leg armor patch, the new resilience and stamina patch added in 3.08.


Wintergrasp being bugged was quite a treat for the Alliance.  The battlefield was broken for a few hours and would continually reset whenever it was captured.  I know that I went out there for about 30 minutes and got 4500 honor and 4 Wintergrasp marks.  I can only assume that Alliance players were getting 3 marks and more honor for each successful capture.


The new changes that came with the patch push offensive power over the edge in Wintergrasp.  Whereas, our server was one that the Horde would usually have a strong organized defense during prime time, we found that these tactics were largely ineffective.  The health increase of the siege tanks makes them difficult to bring down and the 15% damage increase given to the offense forces the defense back to the walls very quickly.


~ by Centuri on January 21, 2009.

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