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With Wintergrasp down, instance servers lagging all to hell and all content short of Sartharion and his three pals on farm, and more gold than I could ever even try to spend, I decided to reactivate my Warhammer Online Account and check out the changes and improvements that have come about in the few months that I haven’t been playing.


Looking to start fresh, I rolled Destruction on the Vortex server and got to work as a Black Guard.  The Black Guard is an interesting class that really started to come together around rank 7.  Black Guards are the mirror class to the Iron Breakers, and thus have both action points and a “Hate” meter to fill up by dealing and taking damage.


As I commented on in the past, Tier 1 RvR is just a thing of beauty.  So many players are just trying to figure out their classes and the pressure to rank up or min/max or collect gear is nonexistent.  Khaine’s Embrace continues to be a work of art and is just as dynamic as ever.


Happily, I can report that the game is less laggy, takes less time to load, the UI is more responsive, and the mobs don’t do the “You cannot attack that target” bug that used to drive me crazy in beta and post-launch.  Player populations have dropped since the last time I was online.  There was not a single server with a High population in either faction and only a handful with a Medium designation. 


I managed to get all the way to Renown rank 7 and Rank 8 last night and clear all of Dark Elf chapter 1 and 2.  I had forgotten many aspects of the story line and was very excited to see new quests in the area, having cleared these chapters multiple times in beta and live.


Certainly not quitting WoW, at least not until I see what Uldar has to offer.  I do plan on logging onto WoW for the 3 weekly 25 man raids that my guild does.  Uldar is going to be the make or break issue for WoW and I.  If it has easy bosses that are not significantly more challenging than Naxx, but with optional “hard modes,” then I doubt I shall stick around much longer.


~ by Centuri on January 22, 2009.

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