Keep Flipping

Having the opportunity to join a large warband on Saturday evening, I was able to experience what Open RvR has evolved to in Warhammer Online.  Starting out at the tier 2 areas keeps capture becomes a primary focus for players.  Not only are there gear rewards for capture, but a large amount of influence and renown is given out as well.


And so began our dance.  Our warband of 20 players and an Order warband of 20 players circled around each other constantly taking and retaking objectives and keeps all evening long as each side farmed influence and gear.  Never really meeting up besides a few small skirmishes when circumstances brought each group together.  The few times that this did happen the Order group would soon break off and head to another area where undefended Open RvR areas were in abundance.


Talking with other players in the group and reading up on various blogs, I have learned that even at the tier 4 level you will experience this little mini-game as groups dance around each other and continually flip keeps and battle field objectives, always seeking the path of least resistance.


Interestingly enough, this does not happen at the tier 1 level.  Heading out into the Empire vs. Chaos area at pretty much any time of the day will find two groups battling it out back and forth between the war camps. The objectives in the middle merely serve as a distraction and players seek RvR combat. 


What changes from tier 1 to tier 2 and beyond that players shift play style in such a way?  My problem since beta has always been the keep defense mechanic in that the defense is allowed to camp in the room with the keep lord, long after the doors have been busted down.  By making a “heroic” last stand with hard hitting NPC reinforcements, a small group of dedicated defenders can hold off a much larger group, preventing them from coming up the narrow ramp.  Certainly frustrating for the attackers, but not all that enjoyable for the defense either. 


Also there is so little incentive to defend in the first place.  The best rewards are available by allowing your enemy to capture a keep and then swooping in with your group once they have moved on.  Keep flipping is profitable in terms of gear rewards and renown and influence rewards.  The system seems rather flawed in that players receive maximum RvR rewards by avoiding RvR as much as possible.


~ by Centuri on January 27, 2009.

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