New Perspective in Warhammer Online

Taking a Black Guard up to 12 and my Shaman from 18 to 20 over the past week or so, I ended up feeling more or less exactly how I felt when I left WAR a few months ago.  RvR was fun when it happened, scenario queues can be rather long at non-peak hours, and the PVE was entirely dependant upon having other players around to complete public quests.  Also by now I have played through every since Destruction PVE chapter from chapter 1 to Chapter 12 for all three pairings.


So it was time for a change.  How silly of me to expect a game to deliver a fresher and more enjoyable experience if I didn’t try and get a new perspective.  And so Saphery was born.  And not just born anywhere, but on a role-playing server!


Rolling on Phoenix Throne a Core RvR RP server I chose to play a female elven archmage.  Lastly my attitude would have to change if I wanted a new experience.  Whereas, before I would be a helpful player willing to assist others, Saphery is a selfish and self absorbed elf that feels no obligation to heal anyone other than herself.  Blame it on her snobbish upbringing but she might toss out a heal to a noble elf shadow warrior or perhaps HoT up a dashing elven sword master.  But under no circumstances will she burden herself healing the wounds of the lesser races, surely they have their own clerics to attend to them after all!


~ by Centuri on January 28, 2009.

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