Sartharion: Close But No Cigar


We continue to work on Sartharion and his three drake pals.  Yesterday was about 400g in repairs and about 30 attempts on him, over a 4-hour raid night.  Unlike our previous few nights of attempts it finally feels like we are “getting it.”  After several adjustments I can really feel our group starting to pull together for this encounter.


First off we are only running with 6 healers.  This puts me as the only primary raid healer.  With my spec and mp5, I can chain heal nonstop for about 3 minutes raid buffed and this encounter is really testing that ability.  From the moment the first drake lands to the wipe is called about two minutes later, I never stop chain healing.  Not surprisingly on many attempts I had almost twice as much healing as the number two spot. 


Another adjustment we made was switching to a DK tank for Sartharion.  His magic mitigation is a well suited for the nastiness that Sartharion dishes out once the third drake lands and his breaths can hit for 50,000 points of damage.  We still need to use various cool downs to keep the tank up during this phase but the sheer randomness of Sartharion is becoming problematic. 


His breath ability has no timer and a very short cool down and a small cast time.  Coordinating priest and paladin mitigation cool downs on the main tank is becoming somewhat problematic but feels much better after last night than in previous nights.


The largest change we made is something that another tank was told that may very well be a bug.  If you send a priest down in the Vesperon portal and have him Divine Hymn on the eggs then the eggs will not hatch.  Assuming your DPS can put Vesperon down quick enough, you will never have to deal with Vesperon welp adds.  This one change alone is what consistently allows us to get the first drake down and work on the second one before things start to unravel.


We only made it to the 3rd drake one time with the raid more or less intact.  Then Sartharion did his breath attack only 7 seconds after his last breath, and the tank was not prepared for this which lead to him getting one shot and the eventual wipe.


Happily, I can report that we are becoming much MUCH better at avoiding the avoidable damage from the lava walls and shadow fissures.  I am not sure at what point everyone just kind of understood the dance involved but unfortunately it has cost everyone quite a bit of repair gold to get us there.  Thursday we return.  Thursday Sartharion and his three drakes are going down!


~ by Centuri on January 28, 2009.

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