Backing out of WAR

After playing a bit more Warhammer Online the past few weeks, I find myself back where I left off several months ago, bored.  I took an archmage to rank 13, my shaman from rank 18 to rank 20 and a black guard from start to rank 13 and none sufficiently held my interest to make me want to keep playing and paying.


WAR continues to deliver amazing low level RvR and has population density at these lower levels to support large public quest groups.  Once I hit tier two, I found the PQ groups few, far between, and only readily available during peak hours.  WAR is everywhere, so long as it’s between 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm server time in the Empire vs. Chaos pairing. 


Open RvR is still very well done.  But for every one hour I spent out in the open RvR lakes, only about 15 minutes or so (on a good night) were spent in actual RvR combat.  The rest of the time consisted of PVE encounters with small harassment by enemy players (keep sieges) or PVE encounters that ended up in standing around a flag for 3 minutes waiting for it to flip to our side (battle field objectives), or running back and forth from zone to zone, objective to objective.


With no incentive to actually fight enemy players, opposing faction warbands are content to simply dance around each other all night.  Each capturing and reclaiming what the other group is taking.  The risk/reward system for open RvR just does not present enough reward for players to take place in large battles.  Even with the changes to add in influence points for each RvR lake, players still know that in the time it takes to capture a heavily defended keep they could just as easily have captured several undefended ones in other areas for more loot and easier influence points.


Lastly, I still feel that my tier 2 RvR efforts are simply wasted.  I don’t feel as though I am a part of some larger war effort.  After taking every objective in a zone it doesn’t lock the other side out.  It doesn’t allow you to attack and destroy their warcamp.  No special PQ begins.  It’s just about grinding out as much influence as possible before you hit rank 22 and have to move on to tier three.


So if you haven’t figured it out yet, I am canceling my Warhammer Online Account for a second time.  The game has so much potential and starts out so well, but seems to fall flat in PVE early on in tier 2.  Open RvR is just another grind and players actively avoid fighting other groups of players in order to farm points by capturing PVE objectives.


~ by Centuri on February 2, 2009.

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