Update on My Progress

Taking advantage of the lull in content I leveled up my warrior to 80 over the past week, finally dinging 80 Saturday afternoon.  This gave me a fresh perspective on PVP, as being the guy swinging the swords and bursting people down is a bit more enjoyable than being a healer standing in the back trying to heal other players.  At  least in disorganized PVP this is the case.


Surprisingly a good bit of my level 70 raid gear lasted me all the way through the expansion while leveling.  However, after did some shopping and a bit of crafting I was down to just a handful of pieces that weren’t replaced, and those will be replaced soon enough. 


Wintergrasp continues to be exciting and I feel much more useful somehow in battlegrounds.  Read: Not just tossing out heals and playing with what feels like a giant target over my head.


Really don’t plan on raiding much with the warrior, but would like to do some heroics and such on off nights.  As for my shaman, Sartharion and his three drakes continues to frustrate my raid.  We continue to beat our heads into the wall trying to brute force our way through the encounter and betting against the random number generator that dominates that encounter.


We are doing really well up until the time that the third drake comes down.  That is when it all seems to hit the fan.  I spam chain heal on raid members while we all simply try to survive.  Thus far we have hit a brick wall at the two minute 15 seconds to the two minute 30 seconds in which we are about 99% sure to wipe during this crucial phase.  We are gambling on the random number generator to get us past this hump and so far we are loosing that bet.


~ by Centuri on February 9, 2009.

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