Sartharion: What We Did

We ended our month long saga of tears and frustration in a strategy that I originally did not have much faith in.  We switched from our 3 tank – 6 healers – 16 DPS format to a 4 tank 7 healer 14 DPS setup.  We traded two DPS for control and that ended up being the crucial difference.


Once we did our first attempt for the night I just knew that this was the night that we finally walked away with the title.  It just felt better and under control.  With two protection spec paladins tanking adds, a warrior tanking the drakes as they landed, and a death knight on Sartharion we had quite an ensemble.


The two protadins worked as a team.  Each would round up a large number of adds and then bring his stack towards the drake that was being DPS’d down at that time.  Once a large amount of adds were stacked up, AOE was called for and the AOE would hit all of the adds plus one or two of the drakes.  The two of them would alternate so that one was always out and about picking up adds while the other tried to pick up what he could as well as taunted them off of the free roaming protadin.


The extra healer that we brought in was a restoration shaman and he made the raid healing a lot less hectic during the crucial time frame when the third drake lands and the second is not quite dead yet.  A speed potion (500 haste for 15 seconds) combined with my gear, totems and raid buffs brought my chain heal cast time to just over 1.3 seconds which also made a large difference in keeping everyone alive.


Oh and one more thing provided to be the missing link.  NO ONE TOOK A FLAME WALL OR A SHADOW FISSURE!  The fight is really more of a struggle to keep all 25 raid members alive than anything else. 


Here is the WWS for the night.  #1 on healing meters!!!!


~ by Centuri on February 13, 2009.

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