Wintergrasp Potential

Wintergrasp marks the turning point for WoW and me.  It is the first activity, other than running Black Rock Depts at level 60 back in the day, that I enjoy doing in an of itself, and not for some gear reward.  Of course, the rewards for the zone are nothing to scoff at and you can get a sizeable chuck of honor and stonekeeper shards for completing all of the dailys.


I just find it a very enjoyable experience.  So much so that I wish there were more.  I wish that there was a second Wintergrasp zone that was on a separate timer so that I would never have to wait more than an hour to get my fill. 


I want more things to do out there when the battle isn’t up!  I want bombing missions with another player as tail gunner and the ability to drop off players behind the walls via airlift.  I want scripted NPC events that involve escorting powerful NPCs.  I want to do a quest to spawn waves of foot soldiers!  I want everything that made Alterac Valley an epic all day affair in which server pride outweighed honor per hour calculations to be ported to Wintergrasp.  


Wintergrasp has so much untapped potential.  The entire zone can be turned into a sandbox PVP area if done correctly.  Many quests and features that are present in other zones just need to be copied over and tweaked.


~ by Centuri on February 17, 2009.

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