Set Bonuses Being Added to Level 78 Craftable Blue Gear Set

The following sets have been created to give set bonuses to crafted armor sets:

Eviscerator’s Battlegear
Ornate Saronite Battlegear
Overcaster Battlegear
Savage Saronite Battlegear
Stormhide Battlegear
Swiftarrow Battlefear
Frostsavage Battlegear

All these sets will give you:

4 Pieces – +75 Stamina
6 Pieces – +50 Resilienc


So my main source of income is getting a buff in the next patch.  This should hopefully help the slumping sales that I have been experiencing.  My leatherworking business has gone from 20,000 gold per week in total sales to now just around 5,000 gold per week in net sales.


Luckily as the markets slowed down, the competitors that I was facing slowly backed away.  Combine that with the lack of power levelers, since most players on the server have already reached maximum crafting level, and you have a market just plumb with opportunity.


If nothing else, the free publicity from this blue post should stir up some interest.  I will have to be sure and put up some extra stock for the patch day.  Currently, I simply refill the auction house every 3-5 days.  All that I do is open up a spreadsheet with all of my products listed.  I then go through each of the gear sets looking for any of the pieces with no listings.  I mark those down and check the price of the various leathers and eternals that I use in my manufacturing, changing those figures in the spreadsheet as well.


This allows me to check the profit margins that I am selling pieces for and give me a comparison against any competitors.  Often I have found slow selling leatherworking and blacksmithing epics up on the auction house for less than the cost to make them!  Anyway, back to the spreadsheet!


I then switch over to my leatherworker and produce one of every epic item and two of every blue piece that I am filling an order for.  The entire process usually takes me around 30-45 minutes.  Even with the current slump in the server economy as the population of Azshara dips further back down into the depths of low population, 900 gold a day for 30 minutes every few days isn’t bad farming at all.


~ by Centuri on February 27, 2009.

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