On Dual Specs and Hybrids

review_12twoface_1I spent all of TBC playing a Warrior. I was also the raid leader and eventual de-facto GM of my guild for about 6 months.  I had a DPS and tanking set that I maintained and kept up to date as best I could.  I usually took upgrades after other people and upgraded mainly through PVP items (arena gear for Arms DPS) and passed on tier gear to try and gear up other tanks.


In a given week, I might tank 2 nights a week and DPS the third.  The next week I might DPS all three.  If we needed an extra healer for a fight, someone would bring an alt or we would talk one of the DPS hybrids into a guild funded re-spec or have them simply equip healer gear and heal.  Elemental shaman and Boomkins make OK support healers for farm nights.


At one point, I took a short vacation from the casual guild to go into a more hardcore guild. This was early into TBC when SSC was still progression content for many before all of the numerous nerfs.  As the guilds second protection spec warrior I would be called inside the instance to help tank the large trash pulls.  Then once we reached a boss that didn’t need two tanks, I would be subbed out for a waiting DPS.  It really sucked.


The dual spec changes are going to help the casual guilds more than the hardcore ones.   Sure there may be some raid leader that will lead with an iron fist and demand an optimized raid tailor made for each encounter.  But these guilds are the same type that would make people respect anyway, or they have enough recruit to fill the empty raid spots.


Non-Hybrids such as rogues, mages and warlocks also ignore the PVP implication of dual specs.  Whereas, a restoration shaman might take elemental as an off spec, the rogue will be able to simply put in the FOTM PVP spec into that slot and always be ready for PVP.  If that shaman wants to arena effectively as a healer AND raid effectively as a healer (assuming he/she is a min/max player) then BOTH of his/her specs will be healing.


In the end, the long promised dual spec feature will open up both PVP and PVE even more for ALL players, regardless of the class that they play.  Skill and gear will still continue to be a dominant factor in deciding raid invites.  Bring the player not the class.


~ by Centuri on March 3, 2009.

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