So My Guild Master Left the Server…



Yep.  Or I should say that he took his very well geared warlock off of the server to play on Wildhammer, which is a high population PVE realm.  The reason he cited was a complete lack of enjoyment on non-raid nights and wanting a change after playing the last two and a half years on a low population PVP server.


He got everyone into vent prior to the start of the raid on Tuesday and told us all then; I am assuming that the officers knew about this beforehand.  Surprisingly no one started to run around with arms flailing screaming that the sky is falling.  But this certainly can’t be good for my current guild’s future.


The lack of new and challenging content is beginning to tax everyone.  Other than raid nights and checking my auctions, I also rarely log onto WoW.  Last night I did Sartharion plus the three Drakes and then Malygos.  The guild went on and cleared Naxx, but I was substituted out.  So now my raiding is done for the week after only two hours of actual raiding content.


I notice many other guild members are following the same suit as me.  Just about every single raider in the guild has at least one alt at 80 and many have several.  Repeating WotLK content is certainly enjoyable enough a few times, but there is hardly enough of an endgame available now to keep even the remotely hardcore players captivated for very long.


Playing on a low population, PVP server such as Azshara just exacerbates the bored-with-nothing-to-do problem.  There just simply aren’t enough players on at all times to provide an endless source of content.  Gradually our server is shrinking again, as players that came for easy leveling on a low pop server, slowly siphon back to more populated servers.


Patch 3.1 is the hope that everyone is clinging too.  The release of Ulduar should fill up our raid schedule with three nights a week, and the Argent Tournament should hopefully provide some incentive to spend a few hours a week on.  Dual talent specs should open up PVE and PVP to an even wider audience and promote more instance farming for off spec gear. 


He transferred the day after he got his Undying title from our 10 man group…


~ by Centuri on March 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “So My Guild Master Left the Server…”

  1. You know how I feel about this one. Its selfish and lame.

    Oh well.

  2. I think it’s the lack of reaction from anyone publicly in the guild that bothers me the most. He still gets in vent at raid times and hops in the raid on his alt and sort of oversees things. He still acts as though he is the GM…but his main is on another server…

    It’s like there is a giant pink elephant in the room and the whole guild just pretends that everything is normal…but are they really pretending. Does it really matter? Does it change anything for me, since all I do is log in for raids?

    Even worse is how dead the guild is becoming on non-raid nights. Before there were always at least some people on, but now you are lucky to have a dozen people on.

  3. […] or casuals. Let’s also not forget that the GM himself, who plans on coming back for Ulduar, hasn’t exactly been around for the past month or so of Naxx farming.  There are six officers and 10 veteran members, assuming that all of them show up nightly, we […]

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