Inevitable City Captured on Monolith

I was able to see the harsh reality of patch 1.2 and the zone domination system in action yesterday on Monolith, where I have a rank 29 Shaman, my highest rank character in the game.  Order managed to lock out all of the tier 4 zones and were pushing the final fortress by 6:00 PM CST.  By 6:30 they had the Inevitable City into contested and were beginning the assault.


Judging by the chat going on in the RvR channel and Alliance chat, many players were hopping into empty instances to farm for gear.  The call went out with 30 minutes to spare that we did not have enough Victory Points to throw them out, and that players would have to stop entering empty instances and go into the ones filled with Order players to stop them from taking the city.


Around 8:30 the message went out on a sever message that the Inevitable City was burning and completely open for Order looting.  This did not sit well with my guild or alliance and many players logged off in disgust. Some even saying that they wouldn’t be back on for several weeks to give time for the city to grow enough that the PVE instances inside would be unlocked.


I did not find their QQ tears particularly appetizing, so I spent the rest of the evening on Iron Rock playing level 12 Iron Breaker and spent about an hour dealing out righteous justice with my level 8 Warrior Priest.


I think that 1.2 is going to change the way players think about the current endgame of Warhammer Online.  Keep swapping and battlefield objective flipping will now work against you with the new zonal domination system.  Players are going to have to defend, have to capture, and have to go into city PQs dominated by the other faction to slow down their progression.


~ by Centuri on March 6, 2009.

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