That New Character Smell

Nothing invigorates your desire to play an MMO like trying out a new class on a new server.  The birds are singing, the experience points and renown is flowing, and Destruction players are dying left and right at the hands of my newly rank 17 Warrior Priest.


Having played a Disciple of Khaine in beta, I avoided rolling that class upon game launch and never even gave a passing glimpse at the Order counterpart, the Warrior Priest.  Playing a front line healer and being able to heal multiple friendly targets, combined with high armor and some decent self-healing is a nice change of pace from my Shaman.  Perhaps Shamans and Archmages will get their promised class rework, but 3.1 did not bring them any Easter Eggs full of goodies. 


I just feel so much sturdier and powerful on my Warrior Priest.  Warrior Priest, and the Disciple of Khaine, are great at playing solo.  High armor, the ability to deal damage and heal concurrently and a snare ability to slow down would be escapees, makes for a world of fun in the open RvR areas.  Any other archetype that I run across is easily whittled away and forced to flee in shame.  I did fight a Disciple of Khaine for about 10 minutes until we both just kind of gave up and ran the other way. 


Not sure if this means I am going to give up on my Shaman on Monolith.  He is 29 and happily collecting rested experience points.  I have completed Chaos and Greenskin chapter 14 and will probably have to turn to the Dark Elf area next, in order to push myself past level 30 before I venture into Tier 4 content. 


Solo viability is such a nice bonus in this game.  Other healers and ranged DPS are squishy and have to rely on other character classes to protect them so that they can perform their function.  Tanks need healers to keep them up and DPS to take out the opposing players that they are distracting.  Only the melee healers, the Warrior Priest and Disciple of Khaine, dare to break the holy trinity of tank, healer and DPS.


~ by Centuri on March 10, 2009.

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