No Time for Warhammer

Some of my WoW friends are making a sortie into EVE Online.  Since I would like to join them that will mean that either my Warhammer Online or World of Warcraft account will have to go.  I simply don’t have the time to justify paying 3 MMO subscription fees per month. 


The decision is somewhat easier than I would have thought.  Warhammer is a lot of fun in short bursts.  There is content coming down the pipeline that will invigorate the end game play, and perhaps one day it will finally live up to its potential and hype.   Already I look forward to picking the game back up in a few months and seeing what changes they have made.


In World of Warcraft I am deeply rooted on a low population server.  My guild is still going strong and new raid content is almost here.  Just a few more weeks on the player test realm and Ulduar should be open for business.  Hopefully the difficulty level of Ulduar will be such that my guild is kept busy with progression content and chasing gear upgrades for quite a few months. 


So therefore my Warhammer account will just have to go.  At most, I see myself playing it maybe one or two days a week, once Ulduar is released.  And really, if there is any game that you can play just a few hours a week, and not fall behind, it’s EVE.


Having played through the new player experience before, I look forward to the changes that were made.  Apparently, rather than having to choose massive numbers of skills right from the start, players are instead going to start with 50,000 skill points, down from the 800,000 just a week ago.  Players will then train skills at double the normal rate.  Combine that with the ability to queue up skills for training and you have the perfect part time MMO.


I have no idea what we will plan on doing once we get beyond the initial mission running.  Perhaps we will all join up with some corporation and try and see some 0.0 space.  The universe of EVE Online is as vast as it is abundant in limitless opportunity.  I look forward to bringing you updates of our exploits and playing through the new features of the game.


~ by Centuri on March 11, 2009.

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