The New-New Player Experience

Yesterday evening I had the time to completely play through the new player experience in EVE Online.  The entire tutorial has been revamped and is much more user friendly and provides the information at a digestible pace.  Even the character creation process has been simplified, and choices such as bloodline and family background now appear to only have an impact on starting zone and cosmetic appearance.


Instead of having to choose a school and specialization right out of the gates, now you simply start out with enough skills to get you going and only about an hour into the game, after completing the tutorials, do you have to choose which profession you are going to enter.  The choices are still military, business and industry, however, now the choices are simply represented by three tutorial agents that each send you off on missions and training based on which one you choose to deal with.


The tutorial missions provide a complete walkthrough of everything that you will need to know to run your first few missions in EVE.  Additionally, instead of force feeding information to the player, now the tutorial will silently wait for certain triggers to walk you through something new.  For example, once your ship is damaged, the next time that you enter a station the tutorial program starts up to show you how to repair your ship.  


Being able to create a queue of skills to train is a true timesaver.  Rather than having to set long skills to train while you are away at work or unable to log in, now you can simply create a queue of any skills that would begin training within 24 hours.  This is such a great new feature. 


Lastly, in order for my venture into New Eden to be as worthwhile as possible, I have applied to the highly recommended Eve University.  This is a neutral corporation that is entirely dedicated to training new players on the ins and out of EVE Online.  They have a mentoring system as well as on the game training on ship fitting, mission running, NPC pirate hunting.  Later as you become more advanced they even have classes that go out into 0.0 space to teach PVP tactics including tackling and electronic warfare tactics.


~ by Centuri on March 12, 2009.

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