Denyin the Scion

Achievements like this are starting to irritate me.  While the majority of our main raid force, who play DPS characters, have already picked this one up, the vast majority of our tanks and healers do not. 


So, in order to farm this achievement for everyone, last night we repeatedly wiped on Malygos for about an hour and a half.  We would send up tanks and healers to get the killing blows on the Scions of Eternity, once we got the 3-4 for that attempt, we would wipe the raid and then do it again.


Once we were finally done jumping through the artificially created hoops, we knocked out the Poke in the Eye Achievement, and took down Malygos with 20 people.  This required us to sit a few raiders, some of which needed gear upgrades from Malygos.  I don’t understand the reasoning behind rewarding guilds for excluding their own guild members from raids.


It was not a particularly entertaining night.


~ by Centuri on March 13, 2009.

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