Epic Story Arcs Are Epic

After completing the tutorial agent’s mission line, he mentioned that I should seek out a far away agent who was affiliated with the Sisters of Eve.  Seeing as how I wanted to expand my EVE Online experience as much as possible, and with weeks of basic skill training ahead, I set out on the 28 jump trek across the galaxy. 


Set out is probably not the best word to use, as I actually just set it to autopilot while I cooked and ate dinner.  By the time that I had returned nearly an hour later, I found my ship waiting patiently in my new system.  Upon speaking with this agent I quickly realized that I had stumbled across one of the new Epic Story Arc missions that were introduced in Apocrypha, the latest EVE Online free expansion. 


A normal level one mission might reward you around 50,000 to 75,000 Isk at most.  The missions that are tied into the epic story arcs have all been around 100,000 ISK.  My character is nearly at 1,500,000 Isk after only a few evenings worth of playtime.  The only catch to these missions is that many have short timers for the bonus rewards.  I have seen some as low as 15 minutes, which is quite a change from the traditional


The mission started off with me being sent to investigate a distress call from a ship that was three jumps away.  Upon arriving I found only the broken pieces of a ship, and retrieved the surviving crewmembers from the wreckage.  I returned back to the agent’s base and was sent to talk to a Concord Agent, currently working for O.R.E. in another system. 


He asks me to retrieve a data core from a nearby group of rogue droids that are up to no good in my current system.  He thinks that these droids were affiliated with the group that attacked the ship I was sent to investigate.  Once I retrieved the data core, I went back to the Sisters of Eve station and got the next part of the mission, tracking down the survivors to continue our investigation into the attack.


This was a series of three missions, one involved rescuing the ships doctor from a pirate group that was ransoming him, another was also taken by pirates but killed by them, and the last surviving crew member, the cook, was rescued from his new ship’s wreckage after he was attacked by droids.


Once I had rescued these two, I was told by the main Agent that the data core I had recovered from the rouge droids was sent to Gallente space and that I should meet with an agent in that area of space to discuss the results.  As this agent was 9 jumps away from my current base of operations, I was in for another decent run.  The mission had a reward of 150,000 Isk and a bonus of 45,000 Isk if I completed it within two hours.  As it was approaching the end of my playtime for the evening, I manually did these jumps and was at the agent in less than 10 minutes. 


I completed the mission and did not accept the next mission in the series, to allow me to get that early completion bonus as well.  So far, I have to give the epic mission arcs a complete thumbs up.  I have no idea where my investigation into this attack will take me, which is most of the fun!  For so long in EVE I just felt adrift and thus quickly lost interest.  Now, with a bit of storytelling and good rewards, I feel compelled to login and continue this adventure.


~ by Centuri on March 13, 2009.

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