Epic Story Arc Part Two


The new Epic Story Arcs in Eve Online certainly do live up to their name. After several days of running missions, I still cannot see the end of this epic story arc that I have become involved in. The missions continue to send me deeper and deeper into various sectors of space I might otherwise have never explored, and the rewards are still much, much better than anything offered by a normal mission at this level.

Having tracked the rogue drones to Caldari space, I set out on a 9 jump trip to meet a new agent. She quickly informed me that a rogue drone hive had been identified that was one of the largest ever discovered. I was sent out to investigate. Upon arriving, I observed a picked line of Caldari Battle Ships that was loosely strung out across the area, completely surrounding the drones and their production hive. Reporting back to my agent, she was shocked at the defensive perimeter and felt that the large ships would have no protection from the fast moving tiny drones.

Our only hope was to free up a competent commander in the system, who was currently dealing with a local pirate gang. After dispatching the pirates, I freed up the fleet commander to take over the fleet keeping the drones at bay. Returning to the drone hive, I saw that now each battleship had a screen of smaller frigates and cruisers, providing a formidable force against the drones. Now it was time to send me in to clear out the drones.

In a three stage dead space complex, I was finally able to corner the “queen” drone that seemed to behave so strangely. As I approached the queen, a mercenary ship warped in and took her out, telling me that I would never learn the drone secrets and origins. Now that this lead was exhausted, I was sent back to the Sisters of Eve base to investigate a new lead.

The mission gave me a choice of either saving a reporter who was captured by some mercenaries or free up a captain of a navy ship, that was cornered by some pirates. Each choice would apparently yield a different story. I went with the reporter and I soon rescued her from the mercenaries that had her pinned down. Taking her back to her hideout to retrieve some tracking data that was recorded on the drone was the next step, then I had to go and bring the data to secure location in the system.

While doing this drop off the mercenaries showed back up again and I was told to get out of there. As I aligned to warp out a single shot from the mercenaries took out nearly half of my shields! It turned out that the leader of the mercenaries that had attacked me was actually the pilot of the ship that was initially attacked, who was long thought dead.

Now the focus turned to tracking down this pilot. He was last seen heading deep into Minmatar space and off I went on a 13 jump voyage across the sky. It turned out that he was involved in a large smuggling operation and that I was being directed to another agent in the area who would assist me in taking down this smuggling operation. This involved killing quite a few smugglers and taking out their power relay station, which made quite an impressive explosion on my screen.

One of the smugglers was captured in the attack, the information obtained from this smuggler was that a meeting between three smuggler lieutenants was about to take place. I was able to go out and capture one of the Lieutenants and was told to bring him back to the mane Minmatarr agent, just a few jumps away. Once we got there the Lieutenant was interrogated and we obtained the location of the main smuggling operation. I was sent out to clear this smuggling crew, and did so with extreme prejudice.

At this point the agent reports that one of his operatives, who is currently undercover with the Tabar at a training facility, reports that the pilot that I am tracking passed through that facility recently. However, there is a new commander of the facility that has our operative trapped. I am sent to kill the new commander and retrieve the spy. Once the new commander is dead, I am sent 13 jumps away to Amarr space to meet with the masters behind this smuggling operation.

Apparently they aren’t too upset about my activities as they have even more work for me to do. First they have me bring proof of the smuggler leader’s death to her family in the system. Once I drop that off I am told that I need to go on a 9 jump trip further into Amarr territory. There I will meet an agent that had business dealings in the past with the pilot I have been tracking. These business dealings went sour and he will help me track this pilot down.

That is about 12 hours or so of play time summarized. Without a doubt, this has been a very enjoyable experience thus far for me in Eve Online. I look forward to following this epic story arc through to its end, and can only hope that I have the ability and skills to continue to progress the story.


~ by Centuri on March 14, 2009.

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