Sisters of Eve Epic Story Arc Part III

I was able to play through several more installments of the Sisters of Eve Epic Mission Story Arc. One neat feature that I stumbled upon is that the game actually tracks your progress through the various stages and you are free to open that up at any time and reread the story on the new Epic Journal Tab.

Picking up where I left off last time, the Amarrian doctor, whom I am currently employed with sent me off to an ancient archaeological site that is infested with pirate scavengers. I am sent to scan the site for any remaining ancient artifacts and return them to the good doctor. Fighting of the pirates in quick fashion and retrieving the artifact, I again find myself pack in the station talking to the doctor.

It turns out this was just some sort of test. The pilot that I am tracking is named Dagan and he was the teacher of the smuggler leader that I had killed previously. They became romanticaly involved and ran off together. The doctor doesn’t know where Dagan is presently, but does suggest that I visit a closed down monetary, where Dagan used to reside for any clues. Once again the area is a local pirate hangout and I am forced to turn them all into space dust to proceed. Searching the monestary I find an ancient statue. But it turns out this is no simple relic.

The statue was a drop box for military secrets that Dagan was selling to an unknown buyer. Upon learning of this betrayal by Dagan, I am challenged to solo combat by a pilot by the name of Taphos, who apparently was the employer of Dagan at one point and I have insulted his honor by exposing Dagan as a spy. The only way to allow the agent to close his investigation and not tarnish the Taphos family reputation is for me to defeat him in a duel. This takes place and I quickly turned him into space dust as well.

Now the doctor tells me the whole story. Dagan is a member of a group called the Society of Conscious Thought. This is a group that is closely monitored by the Sisters of Eve, and thus they would have known who he was the entire time. Now I am to return back to the original Sisters of Eve agent, who is 24 jumps away, and get the full story.

Upon returning, the Sister acts as though it was not a concern that I was out chasing someone down, whom they already knew. They also reported that some of Dagan’s corporation members were tracked down to a nearby station and that the Sisters are installing an undercover operative to infiltrate this group. For my part, I must take a data core concerning the fake identification for this operative to a local data storage archive, that is 4 jumps away.

Next I drop off the actual operative at a rendezvous point so she can do her infiltration. At this point I learn that a cruiser flown by the Society of Conscious Thought has setup a listening station nearby. The Sisters are worried that this cruiser will intercept the reports of the operative and expose their operation. Thus it was once again time for me to be sent in to clear the area. Surprisingly, the crusier went down very quickly and I was able to take it out along with the escort ships by a few well timed warp jumps.

Once I completed that mission a Caldari agent contacted me and reported that they have been monitoring the situation with Dagan and want to offer their assistance. The only catch is that they want me to turn Dagan over to them once he is captured. Reporting back to the Sisters, I am now told that a trader has been identified, who recently had a trade deal with Dagan. I am to locate this trader and bring him in for questioning. I was able to take out all of the escort ships in my destroyer, but this trader ship has been a tough nut to crack. Giving it my all on 6 attempts, I was only able to get through his shields, while at the same time I was starting to loose structure.

So it appears that I have run the limit of this Epic Story Arc for what I can do in my current ship with my current skill levels. Thus I have to turn my attention to some of the less exciting aspects of EVE Online while I train up and come back in a bigger ship. If at first you don’t succeed, come back with more firepower.


~ by Centuri on March 16, 2009.

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