Adrift in New Eden

If there is one thing that EVE does well it is to absorb players into its large world and shuffle them around until they settle into some quiet corner of space to make their mark upon the galaxy.  I enjoy being lost in EVE’s scope.  I enjoy that the mining guide is 32 pages long, that determining which weapon is best involves quite a bit of comparison, and that there is often more than one correct answer for any problem.


I have settled into a small 0.5 system, with a multitude of asteroid belts and stations.  It is also just one jump away from the major trading and industrial hub of this region.  My destroyer is ripping through all of the level I missions as I continue to gain reputation with this corporation agents to progress to the level II missions.  Unfortunately, all of the low quality level II agents that I can access now are out in low security space.  So I am forced to continue to run level I missions for at least a few more days until I can interact with the level II quality 19 agent that is just next door.


Next time I will be sure and do a bit more research on a corporation’s agents before I invest so much mission running and building reputation with them.  I was also able to start up a small manufacturing operation.  With an a basic blue print original (BPO) for an ammo type that I like to use, I am making a nice profit margin, on a very inexpensive item.  This ammo type seems to be the best of the small ammunition offerings, and for some reason no one else makes it within 5 jumps of where I am currently situated.  I can make them for about 5.25 Isk worth of minerals, most of which I either mine myself or obtain from reprocessing scraps or mission drops that aren’t worth selling or keeping.  The ammo sells for about 12 Isk each, which is one hell of a margin. 


Also I have found the EVE University Channel to be an endless source of well-mannered players that are full of good information.  Whether it is advice on ship fittings or general market insight, the players of EVE Uni seem always willing to help newer players expand their understanding of the EVE world.  Sadly, the alliance of corporations that are simply looking to grief newer players, continue to have the Uni under a war declaration. By policy the Uni does not admit newer players to the University during times of war, for the safety of the recruits.


War declarations are somewhat of a mixed bag in high security space.  It allows players to fight and PVP in high security without interference from Concord, the police force in EVE.  However, it really seems like players simply use is as a way of griefing other players as much as possible.  Out in 0.0 space you see large fleets that skirmish throughout a system.  Whereas, in high security corp wars, most of the corps seem to fly around in small groups of 3-5 players looking for weaker players to attack.  Add in the fact of “merc corps” who will fight for pay, and some high rolling industrial firm can simply harass the competition with their deeper pockets, without ever getting their hands dirty.


All in all I am really enjoying my time in EVE.  I am just another day or so away from being able to fly a cruiser.  Within a few days after that, I should be back on the epic mission arc to see how that plays out.


~ by Centuri on March 24, 2009.

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