Growing Stronger in EVE

As I continue to progress in EVE it is nice to see growth in my character in such tangible ways.  First off, I have purchased my first cruiser.  As my newly outfitted Stabber is a bit too much firepower for the level I missions that I am currently running, it is simply sitting in space and I only pull  it out when I have to go on a quick courier mission to another system.


Secondly, I have spent much of the last week training up some mechanical, electrical and engineering skills.  The main difference with these skills is that I can now cram more weapons and whirly things onto my ships hull.  Whereas when I first purchased my destroyer, I was only able to fit three large artillery pieces due to available CPU and Power, now I can fit all five.  This leaves me with five artillery pieces with an optimum range of 14k, but able to hit a target at 28k.  Also I have my small missile launcher, which I only activate when the enemy is within 19k of my ship.


I can see the difference in firepower with the added weaponry.  Also I was able to fit a salvager into the last remaining high slot, which allows me to salvage-on-the-go while doing the missions, as opposed to having to come back in a “looting ship,” as many other pilots are forced to do.  Hopefully, even as I move into tier II missions, my destroyer will serve me well enough to allow me to not have to change out my fittings.


With my afterburner activated, my destroyer can go over 600 meters per second.  This is fast enough to outrun all of the mission ships thus far and keeps me well out of range and difficult to track.  I also have a “Webifier”, snares enemy ships -57.5%, which I use on ships that get to close to me, to allow my larger turrets to hit them with my slower turret tracking speed. This also helps me keep the smaller and faster frigates at an acceptable range, while I blast away.


My character is currently just below 800,000 skill points, a paltry amount compared to veteran players.  However, I started flying destroyers when I was only at half that amount.  Seeing my performance and ship fitting skills improve over the last 400,000 skill points has certainly been interesting.  I look forward to the next 800,000 and seeing where that leaves me.


~ by Centuri on March 26, 2009.

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  1. Level 1’s in underfit dessies…. wow, that brings back memories! So much easier than using a frigate, though. All that lovely firepower!

  2. I’ll never undestand why Dessies are looked down upon by veteran players. I remember PVP ops when I was on the Eve-University boards would always have the phrase, “DO NOT SHOW UP IN A DESTROYER.” On there in some variation or another.

    Makes level 1 missions a breeze being able to shoot, loot and salvage all from the same boat.

  3. I just bought myself a Thrasher a couple of weeks ago, now that I’ve finally trained up T2 projectiles. Put 7 of the biggest artillery on it that I could, added a gyro, and put in some EMP rounds.

    Optimal 10 + Falloff 10 with high damage ammo?!?!?!?!? I was getting volley damage of 540-ish vs Gurista rats in a 0.5 belt. 2 volleys = poof! Of course, that 9.92 second refire rate kinda sucked, especially since I can get that same volley damage from an AML fit Caracal from 65km with a 4.1 second refire rate…. But a Caracal’s a whole different beast after all. That Thrasher still totally rocks!

    I did nearly all my L1 missioning in a Cormorant with 75mm rails (only way I could fit a full rack of 7 at the time) and even managed some L2’s, taking out cruisers etc.

    I’m told that Agony Unleashed has dessie pvp classes from time to time — I really want to get into one. I heard that when they do their “after lecture roam” that they surprise a lot of people. hopefully I get to see someday.

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