Learning Lessons in Eve

Lesson learning is a valuable part of an MMO experience.  Early on in life children learn not to touch the hot stove and to not to bother the dog when he is eating.  All of these actions have a consequence that is then quickly assimilated and the child is better for it.  MMOs have mixed feelings on mistakes and consequences.  Some games punish the players for death, some don’t.  Some games have a large monetary loss associated with dying, some don’t.


In EVE I learned a very expensive, for me anyway, lesson last night.  Apparently cargo containers have a limited amount of time that they will just float around in space.  While cooking dinner last night, I set up my mining cruiser on some mission asteroids made up of Veldspar.  Over the course of the hour or so, I would check in on the computer every minute to drag the mined ore to the floating cargo container; this is called Jet Can Mining. 


So I spent about an hour sucking rock and filled up the cargo container to the brim with exactly 27,500 m3 of Veldspar ore.  Satisfied with both my mining operation and the dinner that I cooked, I sent my ship back to the station to pick up my industrial hauler ship.  Concurrently, my wife fixed me a plate and was summoning me to the living room for dinner. 


We ate dinner and I was back on the computer within 30 minutes.  Flying out to the mission deadspace area I was quite surprised that the jet can that I had spent an hour filling up was gone.  Apparently it just sort of disappears after an hour.  The ore had a market value of about 4.5-5 million Isk.  Not very much for a veteran player, but that was the equivalent of a new cruiser or enough to cover several mission running destroyer losses.


There was no one to yell at.  No friendly GM that would come and apologize for the inconvenience and instantly send the ore to my cargo hold.  It was just me and my hauler, flying back with an empty hold, but that is a mistake I will never make again.


~ by Centuri on April 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Learning Lessons in Eve”

  1. Great blog full of well thought out posts, stumbled onto it looking for reactions to the EVE epic arc. Added to the RSS trough.

  2. Yeah, that 2 hour time limit on unanchored cans can be a problem. You could try anchoring secure containers (no need to worry about can flippers that way either) but then those are small enough they can be scooped, so. . . . it’s all about balancing the risk vs the reward.

  3. I am about a week out from being able to fly the mid-tier mining barge and should be ready to try out mining again. One of my corp mates is already in a mining barge. The other makes a living off of flipping cans left by ice miners.

    Primarily I did my mining in mission sites or in asteroid sites that I scanned down. Secure containers are going to be the way to go if we get serious about it.

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