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“WIPE IT!”  Ah yes the two worst words to hear come out of your raid leader’s mouth while learning a new boss.  But with each attempt some progress is made.  Perhaps you last just a bit longer.  Maybe you learn some new technique to try out or some slight adjustment to your strategy that will get you just one step closer to victory.


Raiding achievements are nothing like this.  Many of the achievements force guilds to place artificial constraints on their raid and then defeat the boss in an artificially more difficult manner.  The end result is a very high stress, low fun atmosphere, as guilds learn how much it is possible to hate their fellow raid members.  Not since learning Archimonde has the level of raider disdain reached such high levels.


Someone just lagged, “WIPE IT!” Great, we get to do it again and hope no one fails at the boss’s individualized dance.  Someone just disconnected, “WIPE IT!”  The Australian player, who regularly plays with ~1 second of lag, just didn’t react fast enough, “WIPE IT!”  The resto-druid’s child distracted her for 2 seconds, causing her to die, “WIPE IT!” 


That was pretty much how the efforts went last night for the Shocking Achievement.  Thaddius assigns a random 50/50 split of raid members with positive and negative charges.  The charges are again randomly assigned every 20 seconds or so.  Players have to constantly run from side to side depending on their charge, and stack up tightly to enhance their damage dealt.


Mainly we were all heavily demoralized (read 50% of the raid doesn’t really care about achievements), after failing another Immortal run.  We had cleared three of the four wings without a single death, then on Gluth the shadow priest decided to use shadow word death.  This causes damage to the shadow priest and damage to the boss.  So when Gluth does his decimate ability, which brings everyone down to low health, the shadow priest died.


So it was not a great night for me in WoW, to say the least. I just logged off after the last wipe was called and didn’t even bother to release.  I am not even sure what drove me to want to log in and raid.  It wasn’t fun.  It wasn’t relaxing.  If Ulduar involves so many of these “React-Within-.5-Seconds” style of achievements then I don’t see myself raiding much longer.


~ by Centuri on April 8, 2009.

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  1. resto druid’s dont have children. that’s a known fact.

  2. Very true. I know most good restoration druids usually spec out of improved child bearing.

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