Gone Casual

I went ahead and let my WoW guild know that I would be going casual and would not be keeping up my attendance to the point of keeping the veteran raider status.  I probably could have elaborated a bit more, but didn’t want to make one of those “I’m done with this and here’s why” posts that all sort of seem the same after a bit.  After all, that’s what I have a blog for!


First off EVE continues to grab enough of my attention and is working well with my current gaming schedule.  Or rather EVE fits better into my lack of gaming schedule.  Even if I just have an hour to play or can’t login for 3 days, EVE seems to accommodate all of that.  I am actually looking forward to going on a 7 day vacation next month simply because I will be able to set a long skill to train and won’t have to watch it slowly tick away over the week.


Also the guild loot rules were changed for Ulduar and the changes just don’t sit right with me.  Essentially you have officers, veteran raiders, raiders and casuals.  Under the Naxx rules, officers, veterans and raiders were all given equal priority on loot based on the EP-GP system.  Casuals were pushed to the bottom and really only good loot that no one else wanted.  In Ulduar this was changed so that officers and veterans would have loot priority and then would come raiders and then casuals.


Such a three-tiered system could work without bothering me, assuming that there were enough veterans and officers to fill up a raid without needing raiders or casuals. Let’s also not forget that the GM himself, who plans on coming back for Ulduar, hasn’t exactly been around for the past month or so of Naxx farming.  There are six officers and 10 veteran members, assuming that all of them show up nightly, we would still need to bring in 9 raiders and casuals.  Why do they deserve second and third class raiding citizenship?  Is it fair to take loot from the 3rd chair holy paladin in the guild just because the first two guys have been with the guild for over a year?


I have always believed that a well-designed loot system will create these tiers for you.  Those that show up the most should receive the most gear.  Those that show up the least should either get the scraps, or be forced to save points of some kind for quite a few weeks to get anything over a longstanding raider. 


So with these changes to loot, and my new casual (read: not going to plan my life around raiding, as I have been doing for the past six years or so) play style, I think my days on Azshara and in my current guild are drawing to a close.  Talking with a restoration druid friend of mine, she happily reminded me that as a healer the world revolves around me, and that I should choose a guild that best suits and rewards my play schedule.


~ by Centuri on April 15, 2009.

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  1. healers make the raid go round.

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