My WoW Account Lapsed…



~ by Centuri on April 21, 2009.

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  1. Still playing EVE? 🙂

    It did not do it for me in the very long run, but I had an exciting year with EVE.

    At least CCP follows their vision, WoW seems to try to cater to the very very lowest denominator right now.

    Those stupid raid achievements that you mentioned really put me off, too:

    “Raiding achievements are nothing like this. Many of the achievements force guilds to place artificial constraints on their raid and then defeat the boss in an artificially more difficult manner.”

    Yep, like playing table tennis with the left hand. Or playing soccer with 9 players instead of 11, especially silly for the players you had to sort out.

    This is not the fun and the “challenge” that I like.

  2. Still going strong in EVE, but severely lacking any direction, which is both good and bad.

    3 other players that I know from WoW and I have a small corporation up and running in Minmatar space.

    I often wonder if CCP is following a “vision” or just adjusting the game as they see fit based on player feedback. The latest expansion seems to be centered more on High-Sec Empire players and giving them more to do, than the 0.0 mega alliances who already have their giant sandbox.

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