I Miss the Raiding Drama








Centuri has logged in.

Restoforlife->Hey man! 

->Restoforlife > Hey, what’s up?

Restoforlife->Just wondering what is on the menu for tonight’s raid


->Restoforlife >Not really sure.  Hopefully we have the tanks on to do what we want..haven’t been too lucky with that lately

->Backstaberzzz > Not much just getting stuff ready for tonight’s raid

Restoforlife->No kidding.  Well if you need any flask made let me know, I’ll be around.  =)

Backstaberzzz-> Think there will be any room for me tonight?

->Backstaberzzz >Not sure honestly.  Melee spots are always so sought after.

Backstaberzzz->Well I have been doing some more research.  I think I can increase my dps by another 200 with this new spec that I am trying out.

->Backstaberzzz > Oh yeah?  Something new to try out?


Borntosheep->Hey many you got a sec?

Backstaberzzz-> Yeah it’s a new spec that I read up on that should do well with my setup.

->Borntosheep >Sure man what’s up?

->Backstaberzzz > Cool.  Hope to have room for you.

->Backstaberzzz >I haven’t seen Lordsmasher on so it looks like there may be room.

Backstaberzzz-> Nice!  I’ll be off in battle grounds if needed.

-> Dotfear >Yo

Frosty-> Hello! Do you have a second to talk about my app that I just put in?  =)

Dotfear->You talked to Backstaberzz today?

Borntosheep->Well I have been doing some thinking and I may be putting in an app for another guild.

->Borntosheep >Gotcha. Trying to stay on this server of xfering off?

Restoforlife-> It was SO CUTE when you made fun of me for standing in fire the other night.

->Healyplatex > Borntosheep is aping to another guild

->Frosty > Sure just a sec ok?

Frosty-> Sure np.

Healyplatex-> No way!  Just after he got all that gear too.

->Restoforlife > You liked that heh? 

Borntosheep-> Haven’t really decided honestly.  Just wanted to let you know and see what you thought.

->Dotfear >Yeah he mentioned something to me about a new spec he was tryingout.

Healyplatex-> Where is he going? 

Restoforlife->Something about you ordering me around that I just enjoy…

->Healyplatex >Who knows.  Sucks to have to replace him.

->Restoforlife > !!!!

-> Borntosheep >Well you are one of our top DPS players and a reliable raider.  I am sure that any guild on the server would be lucky to have you.

Restoforlife-> =D

Healyplatex->Man I am so tired of having to gear people up just to have them leave.

Dotfear->Well I ran some 5 mans with him this past weekend and his DPS is really up there…I think we should bring him over Lordsmasher.

->Healerplatex >Yeah tell me about it. Revolving door raid group =/= fun.

Borntosheep->Thanks.  I am kind of surprised that you haven’t started looking elsewhere for a new guild.

->Frosty > So I pulled up your app here.  Looks like you are applying as a mage for a main raid spot right?

->Borntosheep >I kind of like the setup that we have going here. 

Backstaberzzz-> 7500 ambush crit!

->Healerplatex >Well at least he is going on to bigger and better things.

-> Dotfear >we may just do that.  I don’t even see Lordsmasher on right now.

->Backstaberzzz > Nice!  Is that the new spec you are trying out?

Frosty-> Yes I have all of the gear to get into the content that you guys are doing.  I also know several people in the guild who can vouch for me.  I was just concerned about having a raid spot.

->Frosty >I think your prospects are looking up. One of our main mages is leaving.

Dotfear->Cool.  Well just see how he does and decide what to do.  I know Lordsmasher has been with us for a long time, but his DPS has been slacking lately on the meters.

Lordsmasher has logged in.


Will Backstaberzzz get to come to the raid and prove his worth?  Will Lordsmashers’ lagging performance cost him his raid spot?  Will Borntosheep get into a more progressed guild?  Will Frosty be a good new member for the raid group?  Find out next time on, As the Raid Group Turns.


As the raid leader, main recruitment officer, and de-facto guild leader when the official guild master goes on a four-month hiatus, your online day is never filled with sunshine and rainbows.  Drama inevitably finds you and your abilities to deal with people really come into play.  At the time, I found the ongoing antics and petty squabbles taxing and tiring.  I felt that they were largely a distraction and served only as a detriment to my online gaming experience.


Little did I know that a year later I miss it all.  Some people have to turn to a soap opera on television for a varied cast of characters that were all seeking to fulfill their own selfish desires, while caring little for those around them.  I simply had to sit down at my computer and log in.


~ by Centuri on April 23, 2009.

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